From our CEO and Board Chair

and we have had a remarkable journey to this point delivering on our mandate to support physicians in the adoption and use of electronic medical records (EMRs). That mandate has continued to evolve as we now look forward to increased integration of information systems to support clinicians in their care to patients. For example, early in 2019 we began work with the Ministry, eHealth Ontario and our vendor partners to enable EMR integration with the Digital Health Drug Repository (DHDR) and the Digital Health Immunization Repository (DHIR), enabling access to drug history and drug information at the point of prescribing. We are excited to show the results of this work later this year – delivering on the promise of increasing safety, efficiency and effectiveness. 

on ensuring that we understand and advocate for the needs of clinicians and their patients, to make sure that technology continues to evolve to meet their needs. We have great relationships with our vendors and our health system delivery partners and know that there is more work to do together. Integration is the theme that will carry forward in 2019 as we focus our collective efforts on the best use of health system resources to add value to clinicians with patients at the centre of their care. 

is driving new clinical relationships and collaborations, we will be alongside to support with digital health products and services and change management supports that we strongly believe will make a difference to care delivery. The year ahead looks as promising as the year in review. 

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