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[testimonial_slide author=”Ontario Health Teams: Digital Health Playbook (August 2019)”]Ontario Health Teams (OHTs) are part of the government’s plan to build a modern, sustainable and integrated health care system that connects health care providers and services focused on the patient. In order to realize this vision, Ontario Health Teams will require modern technologies, tools and information that support patient-centred care.[/testimonial_slide]

[testimonial_slide author=”Dr. Chandi Chandrasena, OntarioMD Physician Peer Leader”](Health Report Manager) is fantastic. When a patient comes in to see me, I have a report from emergency, from the specialist. It’s all right there. I know what’s happened before the patient tells me. It’s been a game changer.[/testimonial_slide]

[testimonial_slide author=”Sam Halabi, CEO, Hitek Medical Imaging”]Having HRM has been the single most beneficial tool for our clinics. Physicians are very happy getting the reports through HRM and not having to search for it. Patients feel more secure that we are dealing with their information in a timely fashion with keeping their privacy. I most definitely will recommend HRM to all clinics.[/testimonial_slide]

[testimonial_slide author=”Rueben Devlin 2019 report: A Healthy Ontario, Building a Sustainable Health Care System”]Patients across the province…want to have more choices in how they connect with their care providers; if they can video-chat with friends and family, why can’t they do the same with a health care professional?[/testimonial_slide]