Governance 2020-21

Our experienced, respected leadership team is key to OntarioMD’s ability to remain agile, adaptable, and drive value for clinicians, patients and the health care system as a whole.

The individuals listed here have considerable experience in health care and technology. Individually and collectively, they have forged relationships with clinicians, technology vendors, health care sector partners, patient advocates, government and other key stakeholders.

Leadership Team

Sarah Hutchison, CEO 
Darren Larsen, Chief Medical Officer 
Dennis FerencChief Administrative Officer
Ariane Siegel, General Counsel & Chief Privacy Officer
Andrew King, Chief Technology Officer
Elizabeth Keller, VP, Business Development & Stakeholder Relations
Cynthia MacWilliam, Executive Director, Client Services & Engagement
Simon Ling, Executive Director, Products & Services
Peter Barrotti, Executive Director, Technology Solutions & Operations
Knut Rodne, Executive Director, Strategy & Transformation

Board of Directors

Dr. Greg Athaide, Chair
Dr. David Daien, Vice-Chair
Dr. Rachel Bevan
Debbie Fischer
Dr. Kevin Glasgow
Huda Idrees
Dr. James Kovacs