Impact of Our Work and Why It Matters

EMRs meet clinicians’ needs for population health management, preventive care, billing, etc.

OMD’s products and services are relevant and valuable for digitally-enabled practices.

Community-based clinicians are managing massive amounts of patient data

HRM is delivering more patient data to primary care for better care transitions.

Digital tools became more valuable to physicians to manage care virtually.

Physicians are managing population health and improving patient outcomes (e.g., cancer screening, diabetes).

Physician practices learn how to keep their data safe from privacy breaches.

OMD training and support to use COVaxON has been important for the vaccination rollout.

OMD recruited and scheduled physicians for the OVCC to care for underserved patients.

Physicians benefit from EMR-expert clinicians who mentor them.

OMD is filling a physician need for continuing medical education for digital health.

OMD pivoted to hosting and attending virtual education events for physicians.

OMD responded to physicians’ need for support to effectively use digital health tools.

Based on a clinician survey sent to 19,000+ clinicians (994 respondents)