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Dr. Greg Athaide, Board Chair
Robert Fox Portrait
Robert Fox, Chief Executive Officer

Digital and virtual care has grown rapidly since the start of the pandemic. This has changed patient expectations and the way health care is delivered, leading to increasing demands on clinicians and the larger health care system. Throughout the year, health system delivery partners continued to work together, offering effective digital health solutions to support clinicians and enhance patient care.

OMD continued its dedication to fostering collaboration and engagement with clinicians across the province. By placing clinicians at the centre of health care transformation, we helped drive meaningful improvements in patient care, outcomes, clinician workload, and health care efficiency. At the centre of our work, OMD supported clinicians to feel empowered to deliver the best possible care to Ontarians, while also equipping them with the tools, resources, and insights they needed to thrive in an ever-evolving health care landscape.

We continued to support clinicians to adopt technologies that are right for their practices and their patients. We continued to connect them to provincial digital health systems integrated with Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) such as eConsult, Health Report Manager (HRM®) and the Ontario Laboratories Information System (OLIS). OMD launched new digital health tools, eForms and the Digital Health Drug Repository that integrate seamlessly with certified EMRs.. These solutions give clinicians access to critical patient information, enabling them to make more informed decisions at the point of care while streamlining workflow and easing administrative burden.

Our commitment to clinician engagement extends beyond the support around digital health tools. Over the year, we also offered diverse training and education opportunities to ensure clinicians continued to have the necessary skills and knowledge to optimize their use of EMRs and leverage many other digital health tools effectively. By fostering a culture of continuous learning, we empowered clinicians to adapt and excel in an increasingly digital health care environment.

Collaboration and partnership across the health system were essential in our journey towards optimal health system performance during the 2021-22 year. OMD continued to support Ontario Health Teams (OHTs) to engage with clinicians across the province. We also actively sought feedback from clinicians through consultations, surveys, and advisory groups, ensuring that their voices were heard when considering enhancements to existing digital health tools and development of new tools. We worked closely with government bodies, as well as health system and industry partners, to advocate for initiatives that promote interoperability, knowledge exchange, data sharing, and privacy and security protection. Together, we continued to drive and advocate for system changes that benefit clinicians and patients alike.

The year’s success was made possible by the unwavering efforts of our dedicated staff, partners, and stakeholders who have supported us throughout this transformative journey, and helped reinforce OMD as a trusted advisor and technology advocate in the health care community.

We are pleased to present our digital 2021-22 Annual Report, highlighting the significant strides we have made in transforming clinician engagement to optimize the performance of Ontario’s health system.

Enjoy a virtual walk through another dynamic and rewarding year with OMD.